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Client: Moreno Osteopathy

Date: 21 July 2023


As well as designing their logo and creating the basis for their brand, Moreno Osteopathy (aka Rey & Lizzie) were also in need of a website to direct their clients to for treatment information and bookings, as well as provide a beautifully designed shop window for potential new patients. I designed their website on WordPress, using an OOTB theme as a basis but customising it significantly with their own branding - fonts, colours, logo, general look and feel (including some backend coding where possible - I'm not a technical expert but I understand a good amount) - to create a site that spoke of them; their passion and their professionalism.
That was back in 2018 and their website has continued to stand the test of time. I work with them on an ad-hoc basis to make tweaks and freshen things up, and recently we did a photoshoot of their health clinic. This meant I could use actual imagery of their business (not only stock stuff) to really show them off and make it 'real'. New headshots were also on the list, so we got all of that done in a day and soon after onto the site. It definitely gives their website something extra now and I will continue to work with them to improve and strengthen their business.

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